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Our Backgrounds

David Hubbard has participated in numerous ecological research projects since getting a degree in Studio Art (1980) and a second major in Biology (1983) at University of California, Santa Barbara.  Dave’s experience in reserve management and restoration ecology began in 1996, working with the University of California Natural Reserve System in Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve.  Since then, Dave has designed, managed and monitored restoration projects in a variety of habitats including: vernal pool, freshwater wetland, riparian corridor, coastal dune, grassland, coastal sage scrub, coastal bluff scrub, and oak woodland.  Dave has consulted for local governments and non-profits, and has written and implemented restoration, management and monitoring plans. Dave managed natural areas and restoration projects for six years at UCSB where he also organized the Restoration Ecology seminar for five years, and taught the Fieldwork in Restoration Ecology class for four years.

Matt James got his first restoration experience at UC Irvine in 1995 (B.S. in Biology) and went on to earn his M.S. in Restoration Ecology (1998) with Dr. Joy Zedler at San Diego State University working on salt marsh ecology and restoration.  Matt worked at the Pacific Estuarine Research Laboratory and then came to Santa Barbara in 2000 to coordinate a wetland and upland restoration project at UCSB. Matt then managed a 100-acre wetland reserve on the UCSB campus and began working closely with Dave on developing new restoration and management strategies for natural reserves on campus. Matt assisted with designing, implementing and monitoring numerous restoration projects and an award-winning biofiltration wetland system, reintroduced and reestablished rare plant populations, gave seminars, guest lectures and plant identification workshops and developed K-12 and community outreach programs.