Grasses of SB County

Sedges & Rushes of SB County

Salt Marsh Vegetation

Coastal Dune Vegetation

Plant Identification

View an online PowerPoint presentation from our acclaimed workshops on the identification of some difficult groups of plants. These presentations include pictures of dozens of species that show the traits the taxonomic keys talk about. Grasses of Santa Barbara County covers common native and non-native grasses. Sedges & Rushes of Santa Barbara County covers the common native members of the gerera Juncus, Scirpus, Typha, Sparganium and more - most of the non-grass graminoids.

Coming soon - Presentations on salt marsh and coastal dune ecology and plant identification. These are less technical and focus on practical identification in the field.

On request, we can provide you with a higher resolution pdf version or full resolution PowerPoint version (very large files). Also, feel free to e-mail us with comments, questions or corrections.



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